Representing creative individuals, entrepreneurs and organizations
with innovative promotion management in the
publishing, entertainment, and business sectors
while recognizing the diverse nature of today’s social environment
and working within the boundaries of human rights and ethical standards.

Welcome to Bad Cat!

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Make your idea come alive…

Have you’ve written the next great novel or do you want to make a blockbuster film?

Maybe you have a fantastic new product that will change lives, or perhaps you want to support an important cause with a fundraising event.

No matter what your vision is, we support you from start to finish with everything you need to achieve your goals.

Business start-ups, film makers, game developers, authors, product inventors, event coordinators, and entrepreneurs of all kinds will benefit from our expertise in the following areas:

We have the tools
to make your project work…

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Current Projects

Post Horror.
A Multi Media Project from Bill Hall.

Coming in 2020, this original screenplay is being developed as a Comic Book/Graphic Novel, and then film.  Website and Social Media sites will be online in early 2020.


Ongoing Projects

The Buddhist Monk Movie.
A Film by Rattan Mann Films

Presented by Bad Cat, this film was filmed and produced in India.  Collaborating with people in Norway and India, we took this original film off the “shelf” and successfully promoted the film from the web work, set sales, and media coverage, and much more, to the awards the movie won, and the showing at a independent theatre house in Ottawa, Ontario.

For more information…

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We are a Promotion Management Group that currently focuses exclusively on business management, promotions, marketing, media productions and public relations for a variety of business ventures, media projects and event productions.

Photo Bad Cat: Kingston, ON

Designed to create business models from the ground up, we develop, execute and maintain a variety of processes and operations through a set of manageable goals and plans. With an emphasis on diversity and ethical practices.

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